Home Attic Access

Insulated Attic Access Panel

Make your home more energy efficient with our panel, reduce high energy bills and improve comfort.


As a custom builder since 1986, I have always thought of ways to improve my homes — to make them more efficient, and to help enhance the design and function of the home.

My focus on home improvement is what led me to create my company, Home Attic Access, Inc. Many years ago, I thought that leaving a dropped piece of drywall as an access cover — which is the standard in all homes — not only leaked cold air into the home but wasted a great deal of energy as well.

While all attics are insulated, the attic access panels are not. Because of this lack of insulation, heated warm air is escaping into the attic space while cold air is falling from the attic. Therefore, by your attic access panel not being insulated, it is wasting energy and costing you money.

This is what led me to create an insulated attic access panel that will replace your existing, un-insulated panel. I have an insulated attic access panel in my personal home, and I have put my panels in the homes that I build as well.

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